Felt like years ~

“Good,” Junpei said. β€œThat’s important. Your work should be an act of love, not a marriage of convenience.”

Been through so much between March-May, but thankfully I’m still alive. Hmm…

I took the Broker’s Exam last March 17, went to Boracay a few days after to “unwind”, found out that I passed the Exam, felt amazing, came back to Manila and felt sick afterwards. Ever since the first week of April, I’ve been sick –but well, I can honestly say I’m better now. But nothing like before I guess.

I want to go out and relax and all, but I can’t seem to keep myself together — the thought of going too far from home scares me (crazy). I freak out inside, what if I faint during the travel? What if I become ill all of a sudden? I just can’t.

I’ve been thinking too much about my health, I can’t even function at work that well. I’d rather stay at home and feel safe than go out there and try to earn money.

But paranoia (and somatization) aside, I’ve been reading a lot of Haruki stories lately. I may get dizzy and nauseated a lot of times perhaps due to my blurry eyes, but meh… πŸ™‚

So I’ve probably wasted the entire April-May of 2013, and I might just waste the rest of the year if I don’t try to fix my current state of health and mind…

I’m a mess… as messy as the Norwegian Wood movie. xD

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Parang wala na akong mga magulang.

I would often wish of death. Sana mamatay nalang ako. Para wala na akong iintindihin na mga magulang.

At para hindi na ako intindihin ng mga magulang ko. Well, dad’s living far from us already anyway. So I guess it’ll benefit mum a lot if I die.

That way she can freely live the life that she wants with that asshole guy shit. Mukhang ako pa nagiging pabigat sakanya. Ako nalang nga anak niya ganito pa siya.

I’m so tired.
And I’m so hungry now. #sob

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Bangkok !!!

Never pa ako nakapunta doon pero somehow, dunno why, feeling ko 2nd home ko ang Bangkok !!! :))))

My biggest goal in life now is to save up para maka bili ng condo in Bkk. My top motivation right nowww ! And I’m so excited. LOL. Sigh ~


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March 17, 2013

I’m cramming so bad… and I really want… really NEED to pass the Broker’s Licensure Exam.

This is where regret comes in — got my review materials last November-December… started the seminars that early BUT never really tried to study… and then yup, February came.

There’s so much more I need to read and memorize. My brain is tired. 😦

In all faith, I will pass. πŸ™‚

But for now, must rest.
Good night !!!

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Na-windang ako sa Live Journal ko back in Highschool. Stumbled upon it out of nowhere and it’s sad that I only wrote a few entries back then. Could have been crazier. xD


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2 0 1 3

Can’t wait. This shall be my year.

A brand new year of hope, prosperity, wisdom, success, investments, travel, and love.


Happy New Year !


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In My Heart

I love you, Baby Yuki. I really do.
You will always be remembered.

Ninang Yuko

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