5 Cm Per Second Manga Version

Some people said that this manga version ain’t official — defo not by Makoto Shinkai. But others think otherwise. Anyway… it has the same storyline as the movie ALTHOUGH it felt like I understood the story more through this. Some extra parts that the movie might not have been able to accommodate due to length.

I feel heavy right now, yet again, after reading the entire 2 volumes. The ending is more cheerful though — seeing Kanae all grown up, still feeling her love for Takaki. She goes to Tokyo to find him in the end, but dafuq… still an open-ended story. My curious mind aches for a solid ending ! Ugh >.<

This manga is definitely worth it. It’s a lot more emotional though — brought some tears to my eyes unlike the movie. I guess careful reading really does pump up more emotions than mere watching. I am frustrated as always with the ending, how Takaki-kun should have ended up with Akari-chan. How he didn’t give much of an effort.

But I guess that’s really life. If we look more into it, we’ll see how it’s really quite impossible to keep contact with someone from our younger days. Sure, we put effort and feel as if the friendship shall never be broken, but people really does change. No matter how we try to make contact with someone far from us, we get bored, feel uneasy, lose conversations… Then we forget. As simple as that.

Takaki might have shown us how he loved Akari, but seriously, I think he’s forgotten her. He can’t remember how she looks like, but only remembers the -idea- of his feelings. Akari is someone he knew, and all he’s really upset about is how he lost the letter and lacked the courage to tell her how he felt. All the bitterness and depression he’s been going through might have been a collection of pure remorse. A series of “what ifs”.

But then again, we all have different interpretations. Who knows, my thoughts on this might change tomorrow as I wake up — realize how stupid Takaki was for being such a stupid ass coward. If I were him, I would never. stop. searching. (Here’s my bitter side LOL)

In the end, I think Takaki and Kanae would be a great couple ! Though I admire Risa as well; she’ll be a great housewife I believe. He he he. XD

Haaay. Enough of this. So much going through my mind. I can’t entirely relate to the story, but some of the words that Takaki shared in this manga simply gushed right through me. Somehow I understood him. His depressed adult state. And it’s made me really sad now.

Good night. 🙂


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3 Responses to 5 Cm Per Second Manga Version

  1. Hannee says:

    So you’ve forgotten about me? LOL

  2. Jeca says:

    You and your unrelenting passion with 5 Centimeters Per Second! I LIKE! 😀
    Pusong mamon ka pala Memo :>

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