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So walk into the sun…

…and watch me run into the rain. For you the future’s easy, so don’t weep. For me it’s getting steep. Advertisements

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Never strength.

Go on, all people tell me how foolish, stupid, immature, shithead, and fucked up I am ! Cause I don’t fucking care as this is who I am. No one among these so called friends will ever understand how it … Continue reading

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So this is.

When you need to let out sadness, When you want someone to understand. When you know it’s useless, When you think you can still go around. When you look for a friend, And all you find is your acquaintance ground. … Continue reading

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I want the new iPad ! Ha ha ha. Hmmm. So it’s easier to go online while outside. Whenever I use the iPhone, battery just dies so quickly. Ugh. iPad battery life is reliable indeed. And I really need the … Continue reading

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Aoi Shiori

Watch this anime !! Introduced to me by Chelao.

The opening song (well, also the ending song) is awesome ! I LOVE HIS VOICE. And once you start watching the series, you’ll realize how perfect the opening is for the story. Strangely portraying both happy and unhappy tunes. AH JUST WATCH. 😀

And I can honestly say I’m happy with my real estate work now. 🙂 Commission can be surprisingly amazing, but it feels like it’s not about it ! The challenge of selling and the joy of talking to clients… He he, whatever. Just watch the anime and meet the cute Menma. ^o^

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I’m “officially” employed ! Well, it’s not the usual office employment. I’m an In-House Sales agent at Phinma Properties ! So there’s no usual uhhh medicare stuff or whatever you call those. And no need for formal leaves, absent any … Continue reading

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They will meet again someday. It just wasn’t the right time. But someday, they will… The day that Takaki finally finds his own happiness in life. I’m sure Akari wishes that.   I don’t mind being Takaki at all. Drown … Continue reading

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