I just got promoted ! (Yuk feel na feel)

I know it’s not the typical office setting – fight for your life to finally reach that promotion spot thing… But for me, it feels like that. LOL.

It’s actually just a raise of allowance which is only about 3k. And a better job title: Property Consultant to Senior Property Consultant.

I wasn’t really after the Senior title. If possible, I wanna remain as Property Consultant. 3k was the only catch that I really worked for. XD (mukhang pera)

So yeah. Hope things go well. I now have a quota of 3 sales per month. Must work a lot harder now. Cheers.


About Yuko

I wanna get on long, long bus ride. I really do.
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2 Responses to Promotion

  1. Hannee says:

    NAKS! Congrats! LIBREEEEE! :))

  2. ninacurly says:

    Wow naman such a hard worker!!! Congrats, Meme!! 🙂

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