Baby Yuki

My co-agent and dear friend, Ms. Analyn, gave birth to her first ever baby boy last December 4, 2012. Everyone was excited, including me — the lazy godmother of baby Nathaniel (Yuki). But things happen and we can’t control life.

Baby Yuki came out in a normal state, but after a couple of hours, doctors announced different pre-findings –sepsis, meningitis — until the final one came out right after Baby Yuki hit a coma state. Seems like some blood clot was found in his brain. Now Baby Yuki has no response since December 6, and this hurts me so much. Ms. Analyn is in deep sadness and stress, and I really hope she gets well soon after a bad bleeding yesterday.

I hate this feeling of helplessness, when no one here on earth can snap and cure the sick in an instant. All we need now is a miracle, and instead of the doctors telling Ms. Analyn to “let go” of Baby Yuki, I hope they find some spark of hope within them as well.

I can just imagine how awesome she would be as a mother. I saw how excited she was these past few months, to give birth and finally take care of Baby Yuki. This kind of joy that I guess only soon-to-be mothers would feel.

I don’t know what to do. No one does. And every time I remember Ms. Analyn and Baby Yuki, I feel a spread of pain inside of me. I hope God would give them a Merry Christmas this year — it’s never too late for miracles to happen. Let’s pray for them.

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There, Here and There.

Take me out of here, I’m about to burst yet again.

I’m out of focus, not knowing where to start. 


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Fookin Dilemma

I’m in so much dilemma right now. 😐

Suddenly I decided to get 2 units in Solano Hills today. Told mum bout it and surprisingly she agreed ! Next step — must talk to the office, how they can help me with the documents since I’m not employed and all that, yknow the usual requirements for loan (in short, I can’t reserve yet). Anyway this is just for investment.

My initial plan is — if ever things go well with the documents — just pay the usual downpayment in Solano which is only about 30k per unit. Then the balance, loan it to Pag-ibig and have it rented when it’s ready. But mum wants me to pay big downpayment and have less balance for the Pag-ibig loan.

My problem ? I also want a unit in Asia Enclaves Alabang which is more expensive. I want 2 units in Solano and 1 unit in Asia. Solano for rent investment, while Asia for myself. But meh… why do I always come up with such dreams. I’m not even earning much yet and I have no fixed salary every month. But meh… I really want those 2 Solano and 1 Asia. 😦

Furthermore, I also want 2 other units in Solano in the future. Those 2 in Phase 3…. I just don’t want to wait for it cause of the price increase for every new Building. But meh… so all in all, I want 4 Solano and 1 Asia. Wtf is wrong with me. I need a slap lol.

I’m so bothered right now. Lol.

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Defining My Future

Today I started my review for the upcoming Real Estate Broker Exam this coming March 17, 2013. It’s gonna every Saturday; 2nd Floor, Max’s Restaurant, Las Piñas City.

I’m all alone. 😦

I enrolled late today (I arrived around 4pm and the session ended around 5pm – LOL).

Anyway, somehow I feel nervous about this. It’s a License thing and I really wish I pass next year… but meh, just look at the topics. So not my thing. o.o

But then again, it’s for my future. I was so positive with my career last June that I aimed for a million earnings before the year ends. #Wow ha. xD It’s okay to dream they said !!! xD

So if I pass this License thingy, I will get higher commission from every condo property I sell. Moreover, I can recruit people to work under my  Brokerage Team and yuh, I get some percentage from each and every sale they make.

Which means… even if I loaf around while they sell, we all get to earn. Sounds good to me.

So good luck, Yuko !! 😮

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Good times…

Been a while since I really enjoyed light conversations with people — whether drunk, semi-drunk, or semi-sober. The office mates of Jemm and Moni were very kind in their own ways, allowing me to adjust so easily and feel comfortable all throughout the mornight without hesitation. 


It’s fun to stay sober and watch the intensity of alcohol lurk around the room, but Moni was just too noisy and difficult to handle yesternight. Ha ha ha. Nevertheless, I made new awesome friends (Insert the cuteness of Joy and Avi). Happy Monday everyone !

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The month is ending… I need more sales. 😦

I’m pressured big time. I have 4 days left.

I know I can sell more. Faith.

Moreover, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is now showing.

SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)


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Is it wrong to say… that I wish I have co-workers from my generation ?

The youngest friend I have at work is 24 (well, I’m excluding my cousin James here who’s 19). And the others? Dunno really o.o But a lot of them got kids already.

There’s this new girl though from Division 1… I asked her yesterday about her age and she said she’s turning 20 soon. But yeah, can’t really consider her as a friend for now lol.

Warm regards,

Yuko Kong

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